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Food Security and Climate Change Impacts on Urban-Rural Linkages

Dr. Paul S. Teng

Conference Overview

Dr. Felino P. Lansigan

Synthesis, Conclusions and Recommendations

Dr. Maria Victoria O. Espaldon

PLENARY 1 - Status, Prospects, and Practices on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
in the Semi-Arid Tropics

Dr. William D. Dar


Agricultural Adaptation to Climatic Change at the Grassroots Level and Use of Advances in Science and Technology

Dr. Seishi Ninomiya

PLENARY 2 - Regional and South-South Collaboration in Research and Development

Agrobiodiversity and Climate-Smart Landscapes
for Improved Food Security under Climate Change:
A Call for Increased South-South Collaboration

Dr. Reinhold G. Muschler

Advancing Higher Education and Research in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction through Multilevel Collaboration

Dr. Juan M. Pulhin

PLENARY 3 - Panel Discussion on Networking for R&D and Capacity Building on Climate Change and Food, Environmental Security

Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN)

Ms. Hiroko Kodaka

University of the Philippines Los Baños Interdisciplinary Program on Climate Change (UPLB IdPCC)

Dr. Maria Victoria O. Espaldon

University of Tokyo

Dr. Seishi Ninomiya

Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA)

Dr. Herminia A. Francisco


Session 1A (SEARCA Drilon Hall)

Unavoidable Global Warming Commitment and Its Food Security, Impacts and Risks, Implications Focused on South East Asia

Dr. Peter Carter


An Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Yields and Yield Variability in Ethiopia

Mr. Zerihun G. Kelbore

Climate Changes in Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam: A Vulnerability Analysis at Commune and Household Levels

Dr. Bui Dung The

Session 1B (SEARCA Drilon Hall)

Climate-Driven Variations in Small Pelagic Fisheries Production in Northern Zamboanga and Bohol Sea: Potential Impact, Vulnerability, and Local Adaptive Capacity

Dr. Asuncion B. De Guzman

Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity of Pastoral Communities under Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

Dr. Srijana Joshi Rijal

Status of Native Forest Managed by Mataqali under Anthropogenic Pressure - A Case From Sote Village, Nukurua, Tailevu, The Fiji Islands

Mr. Maika Tabukovu

Flooding Vulnerability of the Towns of Mabitac, and Santa Maria, Laguna, Philippines

Dr. Romeo Pati

Session 1C (Sam-Arng Srinilta Room)

Projected Impact of Downscaled Climate Scenarios on Rice Production in Two Selected Provinces in the Philippines

Dr. Linda M. Peñalba

Measuring the Impact of La Niña on Food and Nutrition Security in Timor Leste

Mr. Agustinho da Costa Ximenes

Climate Change Implications to Food Security and Livelihood of Small-Scale Farmers in Lao PDR`

Dr. Outhai Soukkhy


Session 2A (SEARCA DL Umali Auditorium)

Livelihood Capacity and Adaptive Strategies to Climate Change of Rice-Based Farming Households in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Dr. Le Cahn Dung

Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation
in Contiguous Agricultural Ecosystems-Experiences
from the Cordillera Region in the Philippine

Dr. Roberto C. Sandoval Jr.

Successful Local Food Production Project in Solomon Islands: The Blue Print for the Pacific Islands Countries and Territories

Dr. Ravindra C. Joshi

Mitigating the Negative Impact of Climate Change on Field Crop Production

Dr. Medhat Mekhail Tawfik

Session 2B (SEARCA Drilon Hall)

Low Delta Cropping and Micro Irrigation Techniques as Adaptation Measures of Climate Change in Northern Balochistan, Pakistan

Dr. Faiz Mohammad Kakar

Adaptive Capacity and Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability of Farming Households of Dumangas,
Iloilo, Philippines

Dr. Gay D. Defiesta

A Shift in the Mycotoxin Profile in Costa Rica under Climate Change – A Case Study on Mycotoxigenic Fusarium proliferatum in Rice (Oryza sativa)

Dr. Adriana Murillo-Williams

Sustainable Ancient Water Management and Resilience to Climate Change in Sri Lanka

Dr. Ranjana U. K. Piyadasa

Session 2C (Sam-Arng Srinilta Room)

Increasing Rice Productivity in Submergence-Prone Areas Vulnerable to Climate Change in South East Asia

Dr. Romeo V. Labios

Response of Agro-Pastoral Indigenous Communities to the Cascading Effects of Climate Change-Studies from Sikkim, Eastern Himalayas, India

Mr. Tenzing Ingty

Documenting and Promoting Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge and Climate Change Adaptation in Selected Areas in the Philippines: Toward Enhancing Community-Level Food Security

Dr. Lucille Elna P. De Guzman


Session 3A (SEARCA DL Umali Auditorium)

 Building Climate Resilient Communities
through Community Based Adaptation Planning
and Action: Some Empirical Evidences from Nepal

Dr. Dharam Uprety

 Attitudes towards Flooding Risks in Vietnam: Implications for Insurance

Dr. Pham Khanh Nam

Strengthening Capability of State Universities on Vulnerability Assessment to Enhance their Role in Climate Change Adaptation for Agriculture

Dr. Amparo M. Wagan

 Climate Change and Food Security: Challenges, Success and Opportunities in Bangladesh

Mr. Mohammad Alamgir

 Session 3B (SEARCA Drilon Hall)

 Household Economic Losses: A Case Study of Thailand’s 2011 Flood

Dr. Orapan Nabangchang Srisawalak

 Understanding the Capacity of Policy Makers to Access and Use Climate Change Research Outputs for National Development: The Case of Zimbabwe

Mr. Ignatius Gutsa

 Institutionalizing Rural Communication Services
for Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security:
The Bangladesh Experience

Dr. Cleofe S. Torres

 Agriculture, Climate Change, Germplasm and Seeds,
and Intellectual Property Rights

Dr. Krishna Ravi Srinivas

 Session 3C (Sam-Arng Srinilta Room)

 Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability Assessments, Economic and Policy Analysis of Adaptation Strategies
in Selected Coastal Areas in Indonesia and the Philippines

Dr. Asa Jose U. Sajise

 Addressing Linkages between Climate Change and Food Security through Top-Down and Bottom-Up Impact Assessments, Food Insecurity Vulnerability Analysis, Community-Based Adaptation, and Improved Socio-Institutional Mechanisms: FAO’s AMICAF Framework

Dr. Eulito U. Bautista


 Linking Climate Change, Rice Yield and Migration:
The Philippine Experience

Dr. Flordeliza H. Bordey

 Adaptation to Sea Level Rise in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta: Should a Sea Dike be Built?

Dr. Vo Thanh Danh


Session 4A (SEARCA DL Umali Auditorium)

Eliciting Factors Affecting Fish Kill Events in Taal Lake through Participatory Approaches: A Tool for the Development of a Predictive Fish Kill Model

Dr. Damasa B. Magcale-Macandog

A System for Monitoring the Effects of Climate on the Flux and Availability of Water Resources in the Drylands
of Eastern Africa

Dr. Laban MacOpiyo


Economy-Wide Estimates of Climate-Induced
Impacts on Philippine Agriculture: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

Dr. Arvin B. Vista

Session 4B (SEARCA Drilon Hall)

Methodological Framework for the Decision Support System for Climate Change Adaptation in Rainfed Rice Areas

Dr. Anita A. Boling

Regional Climate Simulations: Current Performance, Key Challenges, and the Fundamental Importance of their Coupling with End User Models

Dr. Volker Wulfmeyer

Use of Statistical Downscaling and Process-Based Crop Model in Assessing Climate Change Impact on Rice Yield

Mr. Mark Jay R. Dating

Track-Risk-Impact-Policy (TRIP) Modeling of Tropical Cyclones for the Agricultural Sector

Engr. Glenn S. Banaguas